Municipality of Pyrgos

At the same location where Pyrgos is placed today, the Ancient city Dyspontio is located. On the outskirts of Pyrgos there was the ancient city Letrina, from which it had also taken its name as Municipality Letrinon up to the Decade 1980. The name of the city emanates from the tower that had been manufactured, in 1512, in the place of the Courthouse (Eparcheion) by the bey of the wider region Georgios Tsernotas. At the period of the Venetian domination Pyrgos was an intermediate station of passing merchants going to Zakynthos. Various sources refer to a city of 5000 residents. Since the Descent of the Lalas, the toponym “Pyrgos” finally prevailed. Never before 1778, since when there are official documents and contracts of Georgios Avgerinos, does history report the name “Pyrgos”.

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